For newborns up to 10 days old

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Sara is Hatfield's specialist Newborn photographer

After 10 days you will have missed this chance

There is nothing more magical and special than the time that you welcome a child into the world. These first few days are the perfect time to capture emotional images

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity...

You baby will grow and change everyday. Soon they will no longer be able to fit in the palm of your hands and you will find it difficult to believe that they were actually once that small.

You'll never get another chance...

We want to capture that unique time at the start of their lives: that fluffy hair, those little toes and those cute sleepy shapes will very soon be gone forever.

Why us?

  • Sara is Hatfield's newborn photography specialist
  • Proud Auntie to two nephews
  • Member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association)
  • Beautiful home studio space where you can relax and enjoy this magical experience
  • We guarantee you will love your images